‘Picard’ Burning Questions: That Ending Explained, and Everything You Need to Know to Catch Up

IndieWire | 1/23/2020 | Staff
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It’s been a little over 17 years since we last saw Jean-Luc Picard in action, in “Star Trek: Nemesis.” You would be forgiven for forgetting much of the plot of that lackluster film, which bombed at the Christmas box office in 2002 (beaten handily by “Maid in Manhattan” — yay, JLo!) But it is practically required viewing for getting the most out of “Star Trek: Picard,” Patrick Stewart’s return to the captain’s chair. The premiere episode of the new CBS All Access series links up almost seamlessly with the ending of “Nemesis,” as the lilting strains of “Blue Skies” come wafting through the cosmos. That’s an easter egg, and a delightful one for fans (more on that later), but easter eggs aside, there are wholesale plot points in this first episode, titled “Remembrance,” that might fly over your head if you haven’t been obsessively rewatching the good captain’s previous adventures.

Starting with that ending.

Remembrance - Concludes - Romulan - Reclamation - Site

“Remembrance” concludes at a “Romulan Reclamation Site” — presumably a glorified refugee camp in space for all the Romulans who were able to get off their homeworld in time before it exploded (as seen in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 “Star Trek” film). It’s here we meet Soji (Isa Briones), the twin sister of Dahj, the flesh-and-blood android who sought Picard’s help, and was killed by Romulan assassins. Why did these pointy-eared bad guys want Dahj dead when it appears other Romulans are just fine with her android sister? Presumably, those assassin Romulans must be from a different sect than those seen at the Reclamation Site. And perhaps they’re upset about what it is exactly that those other Romulans and Soji are doing there at that space outpost.

Why? Because in the final shot of the episode, the camera zooms through the outpost’s superstructure until you get a dramatic reveal of...
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