Read The Gruesome Confession Letters of Albert Fish, ‘The Brooklyn Vampire’

Rare | 1/23/2020 | Moriah Gill
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Last I checked we were all on the same page about vampires not being real. Albert Fish was then, by this logic, not an actual vampire. The serial killer had many cannibalistic and gruesome crimes, however, he earned many nicknames including the Brooklyn Vampire, The Gray Man, Moon Maniac, and the Werewolf of Wysteria. One 3-year-old child in particular even claimed him to be the “Boogey Man.” So, yeah not a real vampire. But, damn if he wasn’t close.

“Ham and Eggs”

Albert - Fish - Hamilton - Fish - 1870s

Albert Fish was born Hamilton Fish in the late 1870s. The family dynamic was rather interesting. For starters, His mother was 43 years the junior of her husband. She was 32 and he, 75 years old. He was the youngest child of three living siblings, Annie, Edwin, and Walter. An older, deceased sibling was apparently named “Albert” and Hamilton decided to take his brother’s name to escape a nickname that was given to him when his mom made him spend time at an orphanage: “Ham and Eggs.”

At the orphanage, Hamilton started showing some signs of mental illness. From what we know today, thanks to psychology about trauma and certain mental illnesses being hereditary, it’s not very surprising. It can be assumed that the rough 1800’s conditions of the orphanage were not any help. While there, Fish was often beaten and whipped which he enjoyed…sexually. Fish wasn’t in the orphanage for very long. His mother got a job that enabled her to move him back home with her.

Years - Years - Boyfriend - Boyfriend - Practices

A few years later, when he was 12 years old, he had his first boyfriend. The boyfriend introduced him to practices like urolagnia [drinking urine] and coprophagia [eating ****]. After this, he started going to pubic baths and watching the boys there. At 20, he moved to New York City where he became a...
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