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Catholic and Enjoying It! | 1/22/2020 | Staff
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Deacon Steven Greydanus notes a new bit of argument in the scientific community:

A pro-choice doctor and a pro-life doctor have jointly authored a paper for a leading bioethics journal challenging the claim (which they say was never really a consensus) that fetal pain is impossible before 24 weeks.

Things - Experience - Pain - Self-awareness - Pain

Among other things, they argue that the experience of pain is distinct from a fully conscious self-awareness of being in pain, and the idea that pain depends on the cerebral cortex may be a fallacy.

I’ve always thought pro-choice arguments were weak and woolly. From the silliness of saying that you aren’t human till you breathe to debates about “when ensoulment happens” the side defending abortion seems to always go for the mystic woo woo while any Christian or Jew who opposes abortion can gladly affirm my favorite Atheists for Life poster:

Embryology - Textbook

“For the Embryology Textbook tells me so.”

That’s not a salmon, spotted owl, or octopus fetus. That’s a human fetus. Get real.

Pain - Debate - Side - Crowd - Position

Likewise, I find the whole pain debate to be repulsive with the pro-choice side crowd taking the position of the date rapist who argues, “How can I have violated her so-called ‘dignity’? She couldn’t feel a thing!” In the end, it doesn’t matter what a human being can feel while you harm them. It matters that a human being has a dignity intrinsic to them as a human being and you cannot violate that whether they can feel and understand it or not.

And if they can, in fact, feel it, the pro-choice argument is not just indistinguishable from the date rapist’s justification, but is actively arguing that we should just shut our eyes and fire into the bush and cross our fingers that there is not a hunter in there.

Conviction - Abortion

So I cannot and never have been able to shake the conviction that abortion...
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