It's time for me to fast. It may be time for you, too.

Religion News Service | 1/22/2020 | Jana Riess
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The cruise line made us this special cake to celebrate our combined 100th birthday. It was not exactly the only dessert we ate on the trip.


And we ate. Oh my heavens, did we eat.

Being on a cruise is an exercise in overindulgence. Everything is delicious and almost everything is already included in the price, so it’s hard to exercise much self-restraint. After the first day on board, I abandoned my usual habit of writing down my food and exercise in a smartphone app and just gave myself over to the delights of the perpetual smorgasbord.

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I’m paying for it now, as you can imagine, but it actually feels good to return to normalcy. After December’s gluttonous winter holidays followed immediately by our face-stuffing vacation, my body seems ready for a healthy dose of asceticism.

In this I’m adhering to the body’s natural rhythms, according to author Jay Richards. In his new book Eat, Fast, Feast, Richards says that human beings have evolved to thrive in many different conditions, including when food is present (hello, cruise buffet!) and when it’s not available. In fact, the body runs most optimally when we help it do what it was designed to do, which is to alternate regularly between both states.

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There are deeper and more thorough books about the role of fasting in Christianity, including excellent spirituality books by Scot McKnight, Lynne Baab, and Richard Foster. But what Eat, Fast, Feast offers that those do not is a strong focus on dietary recommendations and a detailed six-week plan that’s custom-made for Lent, which is right around the corner.

Richards seems to be as much a convert to ketosis as he is to Catholicism. He describes his dietary epiphanies in highly religious language: he once was lost in traditional health recommendations that told him to limit saturated...
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