President Accuses Obama Of Funding Iran, DOJ “Finds Nothing” On Hillary Clinton - Overlooks Their Treason! by Bradlee Dean January 20, 2020 | 1/20/2020 | Staff

As we all know, the President of the United States this week accused Barack Hussein Obama of funding the missiles that attacked Americans in Iran. This is true and the American people knew of it when he did what he did. What should be observed here is that the president acknowledges his treason and yet fails to charge him for treason (Article 3, Sections 3, US Constitution), which would deter anyone else from daring the justice of God in our government (Proverbs 16:6).

Instead, the president puts sanctions on Iran in hopes of you misreading his confusion (Daniel 9:7) by overlooking the law that he is to “faithfully execute” against “all enemies” here domestically (Romans 3:20; Article 2, Section 3, US Constitution).

Barack - Hussein - Obama - Place - Iran

Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for more than just what took place in Iran, this on top of the fact that he never has been qualified to be America’s president, he is not a natural born citizen (Article 1, Section 2, US Constitution).

He has sent F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood. He has given them aid to the known sum of over $1.5 billion. He has appointed to Homeland security advisors with known terrorist ties, as well as releasing high risk detainees from Gitmo. This is just the tip of the iceberg with this foreign criminal.

Makes - America - Great - Again - Proverbs

Is this how one "Makes America Great Again" (Proverbs 20:8)? On the contrary, withholding judgment from the wicked is how you destroy countries, it is not how you preserve them (Article 4, Section 4, US Constitution).

Remember, Donald Trump was on the campaign trail accusing Hillary of deleting emails, Russian collusion, lies, deception and yet, today, his DOJ fails to prosecute her for treason (Luke 22:48).

Hillary - President - Whatever - Donald - Trump

While Hillary is accusing the president of whatever it is she is told to accuse him of, Donald Trump's Department of Justice...
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