Be Aware Next Week In Virginia! Signs Point To A 'Dark State Trap' To Demonize The 2nd Amendment & Disarm Americans As 2020 Becomes 'Do Or Die' For Globalists | 1/16/2020 | Staff
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As talk of Civil War fills the air and the state of Virginia is looked at as potentially America's new 'ground zero', Virginia Democrats learned partially about what they are up against on Monday as Breitbart reports in this story; after thousands of NRA members and supporters showed up in Richmond, Virginia, Democrats withdrew an AR-15 confiscation bill.

With the NRA urging members to show up to drown out the voices of those calling for more gun control laws in the state, and their members responding in huge numbers, as NRA-ILA Virginia Director Daniel Spiker made clear, one small victory is not enough in a state that seems dead set in leading the country into globalist tyranny. With gun confiscations threatened by Virginia's Democrats, history provides us with a record that gun confiscations nearly always lead to horrific genocide carried out by 'the state' against their real or perceived political opponents.

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And with 2020 shaping up to be one for the record books with Democrats sure to riot in the streets and attempt to burn down cities should President Trump be re-elected in November while most certainly, any Democrat victory in 2020 would lead to the full-scale implementation of the globalists tyrannical agenda in America, the destruction of the US Constitution and the 1st and 2nd Amendment's and the full-scale loss of American sovereignty, we pray for President Trump and America at this time of great potential danger all around us.

So as we'll explore within this story, with baby-butchering Virginia governor Ralph Northam already declaring a state of emergency to ban guns and other 'weapons' from Virginia's Capitol Square ahead of the gun rights...
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