Democrats are getting nervous as they realize their base is tuning them out | 1/15/2020 | Staff
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It's fascinating to watch some of the smarter Democrats drag themselves out of their own Trump-hatred long enough to realize that their party is in trouble at a fundamental level. Such is the case with Peter Hamby, who wrote an article for Vanity Fair entitled, "'Like, I'll tune in when there's two weeks left': Why Trump has a huge advantage over dems with low-information voters."

What Hamby is concerned about is the fact that the media are so excessively self-involved that they no longer know how to communicate information and ideas to the voters media types want to reach most: people who are not politically engaged on a day-to-day basis but must turn out to vote on November 3 if the Democrat candidate is to win.

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Hamby notes that traveling reporters have nothing but disdain for those who spend their days sitting at their desks reading and reporting on Twitter:

[T]he stories and micro-scandals that obsess political and media insiders — often played out in episodic fashion on Twitter — matter little to voters who are too busy and too well-adjusted to follow every nanosecond of the political news cycle. It's hard to overstate how salient this discontinuity will be in the current election year.

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After slinging several pointless personal attacks at Trump and his supporters, Hamby grudgingly notes that Trump is a master communicator who speaks directly to Americans about things that matter to them. Meanwhile, the media are obsessing about "wine caves, pay-fors, court packing, white privilege, and Iowa's role in the nomination process."

This disconnect doesn't just affect media profitability. Hamby understands the real problem, which is that, outside the hard-Left Democrat base, voters neither know nor care about the candidates. The only thing that jazzes black voters (still) is Obama. Everything else is "meh." Worse, when these low-interest voters weren't thinking...
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