Hey! Here’s a wacky idea. Instead of assuming that God is incompetent and Vatican I and the declaration of the infallible dogma of Papal Infallibility was all a big mistake…

www.barnhardt.biz | 1/9/2020 | Ann Barnhardt
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The completely irrational, prideful obtuseness on display from people with above-average IQs is just stunning. And as you all know, I’m pretty jaded and don’t stun easily.

How can you POSSIBLY adopt the intransigent position that an infallible ecumenical council which declared dogma is “wrong”, and that the ENTIRE CHURCH FOR 2000 YEARS, every saint, every doctor of the Church, every orthodox believing Catholic from Kings to illiterate peasants – ALL OF THEM were not just wrong about the papacy, but were guilty of the sin of IDOLATRY with regards to the papacy? Oh, and also, the words of EXPLICIT PROMISE of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospels to Peter in the establishment and guarantee of special protection of the Papacy was either ERRONEOUS, LIES, or REVOCABLE?

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The latest person to jump onto this bandwagon, and it is so tragic to see, is Peter Kwasniewski. Peter is such a genuinely prayerful and devout man. I simply can’t understand what he is thinking. I hate to call him out because I really like him. As was said of Ferris Bueller, “He’s a righteous dood.”

Um, maybe instead of attacking the Papacy, and by immediate logical corollary Holy Mother Church AND Our Lord Jesus Christ, you might just pump your brakes a little and ask yourself:

Divine - Providence - REASON - Promulgation - Dogma

“I wonder if the Divine Providence had a REASON for the promulgation of the dogma of Papal Infallibility in ARSH 1870?”

Just off the top of my head… maybe the Divine Providence in His Perfection provided for the promulgation of the dogma of Papal Infallibility in ARSH 1870 PRECISELY...
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