Wayfinders, Cultists, Canonical Returns, and More: 52 Things We Learned About ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ from the Visual Dictionary

/Film | 1/1/2020 | Donna Dickens
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With each new major entry in Star Wars lore, companion materials are released which delve even deeper into a galaxy far, far away. They can contain an intimidating amount of information, which is why you need someone to guide you through it. Someone who loves lore, and who loves putting together puzzle pieces left behind by the Lucasfilm Story Group. Someone like me.

Now that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters, it’s time to take a look under the hood of the film’s visual dictionary. There’s so much to go over, and I attempted to just hit the highlights. But when everything is a highlight, it can be hard to rein me in. (I’m not sorry.) Read on to learn about the origins of Starkiller Base, Unkar Plutt’s motivations, the cultists of Mustafar, finally get the answer to to a long-held question about the naming conventions of the Endor System, and more.

Years - Speculation - Starkiller - Base - Life

After years of speculation, it is now confirmed that Starkiller Base began life as the Jedi holy site of Ilum. A diagram shows how the First Order, with supply lines from the Sith Eternal, took advantage of millennia of excavations to dig into the core of the world Jedi had used to find their kyber crystals as the final stage in their Padawan training. The core itself? A heart of kyber. It’s basically a giant lightsaber, bleeding in pain as the Sith force it to bend to their will.

Starkiller Base was purposefully created as a weapon of terror. Using dark matter (called quintessence energy), it punches a hole through hyperspace. Upon reentering real space, the weapon was designed to follow the curvature of the planetary wells in a system, forking to destroy any heavy body residing nearby. This spectacular display was meant to be witnessed by those...
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