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Jesus Creed | 12/13/2019 | Staff
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Thanks to all who have sent me links this week, especially Kris. Thanks, too, to Terri Fullerton for this beautiful rendition of Mary.

A beautiful story:

Government - Home - State - Australia - Euthanasia

The government in my home state of Western Australia has just passed some of the most far-reaching euthanasia laws in the nation, and they are proud. Gleeful even.

There was pushback, notably from one local MP who I know, Nick Goiran, who managed to get changes made in the weeks leading up to the passing of the bill. But it was never going to be enough. Assisted dying – as it is euphemistically called – is here to stay. But not here to “stop” and stay. The parameter will inevitably be widened. That’s the way these things work. Nothing will go backwards, everything – according to a progressive way of thinking – must go forward. But to what?

Media - Outlets - Laws - Sight - Stories

The usual media outlets have bolstered the laws in the sight of the public by publishing assisted dying stories and the liberties they bring to people. Nary an article in sight that dissents. It’s clear that personal narratives are the way this is being pushed. Hard political and legal power is inevitably reinforced by soft cultural power.

It is almost three years since my own father died, of a horrible disease called Lewy Body Dementia. A disease so bad that actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life rather than face what it would do to him.

Someone - Today - Light - Legislation - Father

So someone asked me just today, in light of that legislation what I thought about euthanasia, given what my father went through in the last few years of his life. I can partly speak for him, but mostly for me. And I want to say this:

In a late modern culture that is increasingly brutish and uncaring, with little sympathy for the truly weak such...
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