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Catholic and Enjoying It! | 12/13/2019 | Staff
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As long time readers know, I have always referred to my own generation as Generation Narcissus. We are the most self-absorbed generation in history, scolding our parents (who only overcame the Great Depression, Hitler, Stalin, Communism and global war and created the most prosperous country in history and so cannot compare to our greatness) and scolding our children for surviving our attempts to abort them and **** them out of a future by turning into selfish Republicans who voted Trump, flatlined their wages, and blamed them for not being able to afford to marry. I have nothing but empathy for the rising generations and their exhausted patience with mine.

That said, “OK Boomer” is quickly becoming the fading Steve Urkel catchphrase of people barren of wit. Yes. I get it. Generation Narcissus is full of itself. But that does not mean this catchphrase has any meaning when deployed as an argument against anything a Boomer might happen to say.

Catchphrase - Fun - Boomer - Insularity - Struggles

Don’t waste a good catchphrase. Aim it where it needs to be used, not indiscriminately. You want to make fun of Boomer insularity from the struggles of your generation? Knock yourself out. Like this:

House Republicans claim an annual salary of $450,000 is middle class.

Boomer - Response - Pack - Guys - Lecture

“OK Boomer” is a perfectly legit response to a pack of aging rich white guys who say stuff like this and then lecture you for not being able to support a family on two jobs as if you are a lazy slob who lies in bed eating avocado toast and killing Blockbuster and coal in your fecklessness. You can even add this great quote from Lucille Bluth, Woman of the People:

But be aware that the phrase is already being co-opted. Here: look:

FOX - People

That FOX wants it tells you it has already largely been co-opted by people who are bent on telling...
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