Will the GOP Carry the Trump Torch in 2024?

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 12/12/2019 | George Prayias
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RUSH: Chicago, this is Wayne. Glad you called, sir. You’re next. It’s great to have you here today. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. Rush, you’ve been saying for quite a while now that the driving force, or one of the main driving forces behind the Democrats, is their pure hatred of Trump, you know, his bravado, his manner, and in many cases his followers as well. Now, he’s exposed the media, he’s exposed Washington corruption. But I think there’s something else in play here where he’s exposed liberalism.

Years - Trump - Office - Republican - Coattails

You know, five years from now when Trump leaves office, I think the next Republican that can just ride his coattails into office, just continue with the same policies. Because his policies, his economic policies, his tax cuts for the most part have worked. And, you know, maybe the next Republican in won’t have that bravado, that manner, but he’s exposed liberalism for what it is, and his policies work. So I’d like to get your thoughts on that.

RUSH: Can I ask a personal question? You don’t have to answer it, but I’m just curious.



RUSH: How old you are?

RUSH - Eighties

RUSH: So you were alive and functioning during the eighties.

CALLER: Yeah. Yes.

RUSH - Years - Ronaldus - Magnus - Republican

RUSH: Well, we had eight years of Ronaldus Magnus, and the Republican Party did not want to continue anything. They said they did, they campaigned, you know, George H. W. Bush campaigned as the third term of Ronald Reagan, but that’s not what we got. Back then the Republican Party was filled with Never Conservatives instead of Never Trumpers. Reagan was an outlier. Reagan had to beat the system like Trump did.

Reagan implemented conservative economics, caused an economic boom, many other things, brought down the deficit, reduced inflation, and also reduced per capita government spending, all while increasing employment. And...
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