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The 19th century Frenchman, Victor Hugo, is considered one of the greater writers of all time. Best known for Les Miserables and the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, he also wrote a little poem called, L’Avarice et L’Envie. Greed and Envy are two sisters in the poem. One day they are granted one wish; whatever they wanted. But there was one condition: whatever they request, the other sister will receive double of that same thing. Translated into English, the poem concludes:

“I would be blinded of one eye!”

Envy - Disturbing - Desire - Advantage - Disturbing

Envy: a disturbing and resentful desire which craves advantage over another, or, a disturbing and resentful awareness of someone else’s advantage over you. Envy craves to possess the God-given providences in another person’s life. Similarly, it craves to be superior to another person in some way. Typically envy has no problem weeping with those who weep. At times it can rejoice with those who rejoice in response to a blessing in another’s life. However, it will not rejoice if that blessing is somehow superior to itself or the object of its own idolatry.

Do you struggle with envy or jealousy? But they are just little sins, right? Just a brief, but minor moment of ignobility?

Others - Something - Are - Others - Way

Do you sincerely rejoice with others when they experience something that you really want, but you did not receive? Are you happy for others when they are somehow shown as superior to you in some way? Or they receive something you were hoping for but did not get?

At one point in your life, envy might show its ugly head in athletic ability. Later in life, it might be a job promotion. Then its kids and even in the local church (“What?! That person got picked to do that over me? Does anyone know about my credentials and my experience?!”).


When a co-worker gets that...
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