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This is a post by Jeff Henderson. Jeff is a leading voice on how to create and grow momentum for organizations and leaders and is a member of my Speaking Team. You can book Jeff to consult with your team or speak at your next event here.

Have you ever heard a boring presentation?

Business - Groups - Hand - Everyone - Hands

Sometimes when I speak to business groups, I ask them to raise their hand if they’ve ever experienced one. Everyone laughs and raises their hands.

Then I ask how many of us think we might have been the reason someone else raised their hand.

Organization - Platform - Speaking - Form - Communication

Public speaking certainly can be daunting but it’s inevitable in any organization. This isn’t limited to speaking on a platform, though. I define public speaking as any form of communication where you are sharing an idea or information to another human being.

When people tell me they aren’t a public speaker, I ask if they ever speak in meetings. The answer is, of course, yes. Then I congratulate them. They have spoken in a public setting. They are now officially a public speaker.

Leaders - Leadership - Microphone

This is especially true for leaders. Eventually, leadership comes with a microphone.

Literally or figuratively, when we communicate we are handed a microphone and asked to lead. It could be our family, a friendship, a company, a team, a homeowners association (God be with you), a school, a volunteer group, etc.

Leaders - Communicators - Reasons

This is why as leaders we must be very intentional about becoming better communicators. There are several reasons why but this one might be the most important:

The better we communicate, the better we lead.

Front - People - Lid - Potential - Organization

This is true whether we are in front of five people or 500. If we aren’t communicating clearly and effectively, we put a lid on the potential of the organization and our leadership.

The problem is that public speaking doesn’t come easily for many...
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