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Adam McLane | 11/19/2019 | View more posts
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It’s been a year since I’ve got involved in working with asylum seekers at the border. Remember the migrant caravan? That was a year ago.

And I think we need a reset. Let’s get back to the basic question of, “Why are people coming here to seek asylum?”

Reason - People - Asylum - United - States

Here’s where I want to start. The reason people are coming to seek asylum is because the United States has made their home countries unsafe.

They see the United States as a safe place to raise their families, a place where they’ll have the opportunity to climb out of poverty. A place where they have a chance.


To understand “why” we need to understand history.

Guatamala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. These are resource rich countries. So why are they poor? Why are they dangerous?

United - States - Interventions

Because of United States interventions.

That phrase was coined 120 years ago because of what the United States did to Honduras.

Today - Thing - T-shirt - Target - Boxers

What’s happening today is equally exploitive. It’s basically the exact same thing. That $8 t-shirt you bought at Target you plan to wear once and throw away or those boxers you bought at Walmart? Check the tag… chances are they were made by an American corporation whose exploiting labor. The person who made that t-shirt is getting paid $1 a day or less. So how did that happen? Why can a textile company leave North Carolina and go to Guatemala and virtually enslave people in a cheap labor scheme?

Well… it’s called American interventionism. It’s a cute way of saying our State Department, military, and good ole USAID have disempowered governments in the Northern Triangle for 100 years. We weakened their governments, we put in place politicians who let Americans rob the country, and then we get them hooked on foreign aid packages.

United - States

Once the United States could control...
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