‘The Mandalorian’ Gets Better in Episode Two, But It Desperately Needs to Find Some Direction

/Film | 11/18/2019 | Siddhant Adlakha
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This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian.

Writing about The Mandalorian episode-to-episode feels like folly, since the show seems so clearly designed for the binge era of streaming. Granted, “Chapter 2: The Child” arrives just three days after “Chapter 1” (which looks discernibly Star Wars but zips past anything discernibly human), though were the gap a traditional seven days, the hook might not have been strong enough to linger in people’s memories and draw them back for more. Yes, there is a little green baby that resembles Master Yoda. No, this infant’s presence doesn’t immediately challenge the Mandalorian — perhaps it might in episode 2?

Alas - Rick - Famuyiwa-directed - Offers - Way

Alas, the Rick Famuyiwa-directed follow-up offers little by way of intrigue for its central character, though it certainly piques interest if you frequent Wookiepedia. What new factoids might be listed, I wonder, once this new Yoda’s Force powers come to light? When the little green Christmas ornament hobbles toward the injured Mando, it seems to raise its hand in order to heal his wound. The Mandalorian stops him, of course, because the show can’t yet be explicit about what’s patently clear. Not when there are more episodes to be added to the newly-launched Disney+, most of them penned by Jon Favreau of Chef and The Lion King.

Admittedly, I’m being harsh. Although there’s still no emotional hook, the second episode is, in fact, a vast improvement over its predecessor. In trying to evoke Star Wars, the first chapter tossed in visual references galore while speeding through emotional beats. “Chapter 2” is significantly more Star Wars-y, though in a way that might not be immediately obvious given how we tend to define that metric. What we’ve seen thus far may not take place on Tatooine — what is Disney’s Star Wars without an interchangeable desert planet? — and...
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