Should You Try the All-Beef Diet? Absolutely Not, Doctors Say | 11/17/2019 | Rafi Letzter - Staff Writer
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Some people want you to pay them money so they can tell you to eat only beef. You should not follow their advice, nutritionists say.

The all-beef diet fortunately isn't much of a fad at this point, though it's got a handful of prominent supporters. And it's barely a diet. Unlike other, more popular meat-heavy diets that have at least some scientific backing, there are no reputable nutrition experts who think eating only beef is a good idea. The people who promote the diet are minor internet celebrities, spreading their ideas based on personal anecdotes of miraculous health changes and weight loss — and, of course, cashing in on the idea, as The Atlantic reported last year.

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In the real world though, an all-beef diet simply doesn't have the nutritional content necessary to sustain a human being, according to Johanna DiStefano, a biochemist and head of the Diabetes and Fibrotic Disease Unit at the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix.


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Mysterious women with egg-shaped skulls found in medieval, Bavarian graves weren't locals, but rather immigrant brides.

"That is the dumbest question I have heard in a long time," DiStefano said, responding to an email from Live Science that asked what would happen to a person who tried to live on only beef.

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Beyond eventually leading you to run out of essential nutrients, an all-beef diet would pose a number of more basic dangers to your health, DiStefano said in a follow-up interview.

"One thing that studies show us over and over is that eating more plants, eating more of a plant-based diet, is associated with improvements in glucose homeostasis and hypertension and lipid levels," she said.

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In other words, plants are connected with more-stable blood sugar, healthier blood pressure and healthier cholesterol readings.

"Beef is not," DiStefano said.

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In fact, she said, animal fats are...
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