Rep. Katie Hill (CA) Exposed To ‘Kompromat’ On Multiple Fronts – Alcoholic Blackouts, Mania, In The Mix!

Conservative Firing Line | 10/26/2019 | Staff
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MORE often than not, sleaze and politics operate hand-in hand, regardless of locale. Not only that, it is an equal opportunity scourge; one which crosses party lines, as well as both genders – yes, there are only two! But while men tend to be the ones caught with their pants down, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that women (for the most part) are on the recipient end. It takes “two to tango”….or three….

NOW, none of the above is meant to be flippant, nor to be taken as salacious fodder for the gossip mill. The contents within are deadly serious.

TRUST - Rep - Hill - Member - Congress

TRUST, if Rep. Hill was not a member of Congress – atop being privy to national security secrets within several committee appointments – well, her sexually voracious hi-jinks should remain between her and her hyper-charged husband, and whichever assorted partners they bed. Sheesh….who gives a damn about what goes on in a consenting adult’s bedroom – other than those directly affected (namely, children) by this and that behavior. After all, who appointed this one and that one the morality police – for that matter, all the busybodies and voyeurs would do well to engage in more productive pursuits.

THAT being settled, Capitol Hill – the nation at large – is abuzz with the obscene news that California’s out of control Rep. “got it on” with two staffers – that we know of! Incontestably, it is a clear-cut (no wiggle room for mea culpas and breast-beating) violation of House ethic rules. Bizarrely and brazenly, she sits on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform (Vice Chair). Oh my! What a conflict of interest.

BUT - Fox - Oversight - Reform - Hen-house

BUT as unethical as it is to learn that the “hot to trot” fox is guarding the (Oversight and Reform) hen-house, in a manner of speaking, it pales...
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