The Same-God Question: Four Views

Jesus Creed | 10/22/2019 | Staff
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Many I bump into don’t care about this issue because for them all other Gods than the Christian God are non-gods, idolatries. Others, however, probe this question with far more interest, asking at times about overlaps and dissimilarities. I’m grateful to Zondervan’s industrious editors for yet one more volume in the Counterpoints series with this new volume:

Do Christians, Muslims, and Jews Worship the Same God?

Editors - Ronnie - P - Campbell - Christopher

The editors are Ronnie P. Campbell and Christopher Gnanakan.

The contributors are Wm Andrew Schwartz and John B Cobb, Jr (religious pluralism view), Francis Beckwith (same God view), Gerald McDermott (Jews and Christians do, the shared revelation view), Jerry Walls (different conceptions view).

Ministry - Reflections - Joseph - Cumming - David

Ministry reflections are by Joseph Cumming and David Shenk, who focus on Christian Muslim relations.

Each delves into the following questions:

Jews - Christians - Muslims - Adherents - Religion

Jews, Christians, and Muslims all hold to monotheism, but is monotheism enough to claim that adherents of each religion worship “the same” God?

Does the doctrine of the Trinity matter in this debate? If so, to what extent?

Debate - Hinges - Same - Sense - Differences

Much of the current debate hinges on what one means by “the same.” What do we mean by “the same,” and how do we make sense of the differences underlying each religions understanding of God?

What is included in worship? Is worship necessary for salvation? Furthermore, what place does the worship (or reverence) of Jesus Christ have for understanding the sameness of the God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and to what extent does this matter?

Does - Lead - Inclusivism - Pluralism - Respect

Does affirming sameness lead to inclusivism or pluralism with respect to salvation, or does denying sameness imply exclusivism?

I’m with Jerry Walls, and I will provide a summary by the editors of his view:

Views - Jerry - Walls

Dissenting from the previous three views, Jerry Walls takes...
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