Why Abortion Apologists Like Jen Gunter Keep Lying About Babies And Christians

The Federalist | 10/18/2019 | Hans Fiene
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Why did the religious leaders of Christ’s day put him to death? Most Christians would probably tell you it was because they hated him for claiming to be the Son of God. But this isn’t entirely correct. Rather, it’s a bit more accurate to say that the Pharisees, chief priests, and scribes hated Christ because they didn’t want Him to be the Son of God.

These men knew Jesus had spent much of the last three years ticking off box after box on the “Hey guys, I’m the Messiah” checklist—healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead, to name a few examples. Likewise, in his final theological throw-down with the Pharisees, Jesus showed them quite clearly from the scriptures that the messiah (read: He) was not merely David’s son, but also God’s Son.

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But because the Pharisees, chief priests, and scribes didn’t like the implications of Christ’s divinity, they chose to ignore every proof of it. Acknowledging Christ’s divinity would have robbed them of both their esteem in the eyes of men and the glory the imagined they had in the eyes of God, so they simply treated Christ’s miracles and superior teaching as though they weren’t real.

In spite of all the evidence, they simply said to themselves, “It’s bad for us that this is true, so it’s not true.” To flip Ben Shapiro’s famous saying on its head, their feelings didn’t care about the facts.

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What Christ’s opponents did was, of course, ungodly, but this tactic is hardly uncommon. It’s something sinners in every generation do when the truth robs them of the righteousness they imagine they have or when the facts force them to stare the hideousness of their sins in the face.

A good example of this is found in a barrage of tweets from Dr. Jennifer Gunter, an...
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