The Totalitarian Impulse

Cranach | 10/18/2019 | Staff
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One of the things Communists and Nazis agreed on was totalitarianism, the belief that the government should control the totality of human life. The People’s Republic of China is totalitarian. And the totalitarian impulse can be found in the United States.

In discussing Beto O’Rourke’s policy proposals, Kevin D. Williamson offered a useful definition of the term:

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O’Rourke’s politics — and the politics of the Left more generally — are increasingly totalitarian. “Totalitarian” is not only a scary-sounding adjective. It is a word that actually means something, and what it describes is a theory of government that recognizes no sphere of truly private life, no life outside the state — one that sees the scope of the state as total, hence the term.

“We do not have to theorize about what an American police state would look like,” comments Williamson, “because we know what it looks like: the airport, that familiar totalitarian environment where Americans are disarmed, stripped of their privacy, divested of their freedom of speech, herded around like livestock, and bullied by bovine agents of ‘security.’”

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So is there anything outside the scope of the government in the United States? Today the government is a prime mover in the economy, decides moral issues, finances the arts, operates a vast educational system, sponsors scientific research, has a say in what you do with your private property, regulates how businesses must operate, supervises our food supply, approves what medicine we can take, and insinuates itself into other spheres of life.

And a number of our political issues today have to do with extending the reach of the government even further–taking over our health care, regulating religious beliefs and practices if they are discriminatory, controlling language with laws mandating what pronouns to use in referring to the transgendered (as some jurisdictions have already done).


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