Why brooding is a sure way to destroy your relationship

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Do you often brood in the presence of your mate? In the long long run, this kind of behavior can destroy your relationship, even more quickly than squabbling.

At any given moment, all people, even the most extroverted, are subject to brooding. When you do so, you are willingly acting in a passive-aggressive way. It’s a violation of loving communication.

Problem - Surface - Work - Time - Type

First, you have to be aware of the problem. Sometimes, it’s right there on the surface, sometimes we try and justify it, and sometimes we disguise it … “I am too tired,” “I have too much work,” “ I don’t have time to discuss it.” This is not to judge this type of “shutting out” that so many people resort to, as more often than not it’s an instinctive form of protection: we don’t open up in order not to suffer.

But we need to spot this and quickly find ways to prevent the situation from festering. For this, it would be useful to ask yourself a question: “What should be done so I can open up again and reestablish the communication?” There are many different answers. Often young lovers are helpless in the face of this lack of communication: they suffer from it and are riddled with guilt, all the more so, because they do love their partner.

Experience - Attitude - Stages - Address - God

The experience shows that assuming an inner attitude in three stages could prove quite useful: First, address God, which is helpful because it allows you to leave your problem behind and prevents you from building up the accusations (since when we brood in silence, we tend to be very talkative deep inside). Second, decide how you will initiate the communication with your partner. This will require you to remember that we all have been made to love, not to protect ourselves. This...
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