Physicists measure the variation of the top-quark mass for the first time | 8/8/2019 | Staff
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For the first time, CMS physicists have investigated an effect called the "running" of the top quark mass, a fundamental quantum effect predicted by the Standard Model.

Mass is one of the most complex concepts in fundamental physics, which went through a long history of conceptual developments. Mass was first understood in classical mechanics as a measure of inertia and was later interpreted in the theory of special relativity as a form of energy. Mass has a similar meaning in modern quantum field theories that describe the subatomic world. The Standard Model of particle physics is such a quantum field theory, and it can describe the interaction of all known fundamental particles at the energies of the Large Hadron Collider.

Quantum - Chromodynamics - Part - Standard - Model

Quantum Chromodynamics is the part of the Standard Model that describes the interactions of fundamental constituents of nuclear matter: quarks and gluons. The strength of the interaction between these particles depends on a fundamental parameter called the strong coupling constant. According to Quantum Chromodynamics, the strong coupling constant rapidly decreases at higher energy scales. This effect is called asymptotic freedom, and the scale evolution is referred to as the "running of the coupling constant." The same is also true for the masses of the quarks, which can themselves be understood as fundamental couplings, for example, in connection with the interaction with the Higgs field. In Quantum Chromodynamics, the running of the strong coupling constant and of the quark masses can be predicted, and these predictions can be experimentally tested.

The experimental verification of the running mass is an essential test of the validity of Quantum Chromodynamics. At the energies probed by the Large Hadron Collider, the effects of physics beyond the Standard Model could lead to modifications of the running of mass. Therefore, a measurement of this effect is also a search for...
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