Here's How The Rookie Wrote Out Afton Williamson's Officer Bishop | 9/29/2019 | Lindsay MacDonald
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To my Fans, my Friends, my Supporters: I want to Thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I am so beyond overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, kind words, scriptures, strength filled quotes and devout support that has come my way. One Instagram post is just like those 2 fish and 5 loaves of Bread. The rippling effect it has had in just a few hours shows how much this world is aching with victims of racism, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse all of it. I am no stranger to all of the above even before this experience. But it is through this experience and my platform that God pushed me to use the power within me. It just takes a VOICE. I never imagined so many of us have experienced these horrible circumstances and that can NO LONGER GO UNHEARD. We have a voice. ALL OF US. It is our DUTY to use it. I used to fear the word Victim. I scoffed at it because all I was told when these injustices happened to me, was to Survive. Survivor I am. Victim I am also. A victim of injustice. A victim of assault. A victim of abuse and harassment. If you have experienced any of the above, you are too and I for one stand with you and I’m no longer afraid to be vocal about it. We Can Stand Together. Let’s Change This Sickness. That Change starts with US. This season on The Rookie, I was sexually harassed by fellow actor Demetrius Grosse. I was Racially Bullied and Discriminated against and Sexually Assaulted by Hair Department Head Sally Nicole Ciganovich. Let’s BE the CHANGE we WANT to SEE❤️👊🏾🙏🏾

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When news first broke that Afton Williamson would not be returning to The Rookie for Season 2 after bringing sexual harassment allegations against a crew member and a guest star, we were all curious how her character would be written off of the show.

TVLine first broke the news that Williamson's Officer Bishop would leave the series in a way that would tie up loose ends for her storyline, with showrunnre Alexi Hawley explaining that her departure would be tied to a revelation she'd made in Season 1. Bishop did not disclose that she has a foster brother who was also a felon on her police academy personal history questionnaire, and because of it, "She was never going to get a fair shake at the LAPD. So ultimately she would transfer over to a federal agency. There she could start with a clean slate and hopefully rocket to the top of the ladder."

Hawley - Departure - Exit - Character - Nathan

Hawley called the hasty departure an "organic" exit for the character, which also gave Nathan Fillion's titular rookie "an opportunity to throw other obstacles in Nolan's way."

News of Williamson's departure came in mid-June but it wasn't until recently that we learned why as she explained her decision to walk away from the...
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