What does it look like to live generously in a world that’s self-centered?

Ann Voskamp | 9/19/2019 | Staff
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Nobody has to tell you that, because you can honestly just feel it:

Abundance is an expansive ocean and you’re an island surrounded by its unendingness.

There is blue as far as you can see — if you can see.

All their eyes around the table were ocean blue at Sunday dinner, all the kids and cousins. I felt like I was standing at the edge of something deep and wide and long that went on forever.

Abundance - Something - Abundance - Something

Abundance is not to something be attained — abundance is something to awaken to.

And our smallest, her eyes are an island of brown — and here we are all, surrounding her in a thousand ways, engulfing her in love, endlessly, forever, lapping up on her shores and feeling ourselves abundantly, wildly, lucky. Blessed.

Sunday - Dinner - People - Brave - Ragamuffins

You can do that at Sunday dinner. You can look around at your people, look at all the brave ragamuffins and beautiful misfits who you get to call yours, and you can feel it pounding like a tidal wave of truth in your very own chest:

Abundance is not to something be attained — abundance is something to awaken to.

Waking - Smell - Chicken - Rolls - Scent

You can end up wanting to memorize all the faces, memorize this waking to the smell of fried chicken and warmed rolls and the faint scent of polished shoes and perfumed wrists and old cologne.

It is not what we get, but what we give thanks for, that gives us the abundant life.

Cat - Bedroom - Door - Dog - Tail

You can hear a cat can meow from behind a bedroom door and the dog’s thumping his tail in the mat in the mudroom and there can be more than a basket or two of laundry there by the washing machine and the stove can need a deep scrubbing and there can be a splaying of bills across your desk.

But there is breath filling your lungs...
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