How Augmented Reality Will Bring Space Books to Life | 9/15/2019 | Michael D. Shaw
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Augmented reality provides an immersive way to learn about space. In this photo, NASA's Mars Curiosity rover pays a virtual visit to someone's living room via the agency's free Spacecraft AR mobile app.

Michael D. Shaw is a biochemist and freelance writer. A graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and a protégé of the late Willard Libby, winner of the 1960 Nobel Prize in chemistry, Shaw also did postgraduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Based in Virginia, he covers technology, health care and entrepreneurship, among other topics.

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No conventional printed book captures the totality of these moments. Imagine opening a book and clicking on a screen, where the first spacewalk is not a picture on a page but a moving, 3D astronaut that pops out of the page. As the astronaut works on a digital mockup of the International Space Station's exterior, you hear a real recording of an astronaut speaking with capcom while the ambient sounds of the spacesuit's various pumps and fans hum in the background.

Imagine, too, a 360-degree view of Halley's Comet, where you do not have to wait 75-76 years to see the icy nucleus and dusty tail of this "dirty snowball." By zooming in and maneuvering around the comet with your fingertips, you can explore the comet's surface through the eyes of a spacecraft and watch it shed particles of dust as it veers closer to the sun.

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A book that augments reality and immerses readers in a story by physically engaging the senses is a new way to educate and entertain readers. For children who spend more time looking at screens than books, and for readers who sometimes find it hard to maintain their attention with a traditional book, augmented reality (AR) is a way to make books more interactive and...
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