This Destroyer Concept Is a Tank Battalion’s Worst Nightmare

Popular Mechanics | 9/7/2019 | Staff
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A European/Polish tank destroyer could very well become the deadliest weapon system on a future battlefield.

The tank destroyer packs up to 24 Brimstone anti-tank missiles, each of which uses radar to search for and destroy enemy armor.

Vehicle - Tank - Columns - Invasion - Dead

A single vehicle could cripple enemy tank columns, rendering them incapable of attacking and stopping an invasion dead in its tracks.

A new tank destroyer concept, built for the Polish Army, could become the most effective tank killer in any army. The unnamed vehicle is armed with up to 24 Brimstone anti-tank missiles and can unleash a salvo of tank-hunting missiles, knocking out enemy tank units it can’t actually see.

Poland - Country - Giants - World - War

Poland is a country sandwiched between military giants. In World War II, the country was invaded by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and was pushed into joining the Warsaw Pact for the duration of the Cold War. Today Poland forms a major part of NATO’s eastern flank and is vulnerable to Russia’s ground forces, particularly Moscow’s large fleet of main battle tanks.

Recently, Poland issued a requirement for a new tank destroyer vehicle. Tank destroyers are armored vehicles designed with firepower and mobility in mind, meant to quickly take up positions ahead of enemy tank columns and decimate them with long-range guns or missiles. Although sometimes similar to tanks in appearance, tank destroyers sacrifice armor for the ability to quickly plug holes in friendly anti-tank defenses.

Tank - Destroyer - Concept - Chassis

Polish Tank Destroyer concept on a BMP-1 chassis.

The new Polish tank killer is a collaboration between Polish PZG Companies and European (mostly UK) MBDA. Concept art shows the system mounted on a Cold War-era BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle chassis with a box launcher holding 12 Brimstone missiles. The vehicle is also equipped with an American .50-caliber heavy machine gun mounted in a remote weapons turret.

Depiction - Shows

Another depiction shows...
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