Of St. Moses – Old Testament Lawgiver, Prophet and Prof. Camille Paglia – Feminist, Provocateuse

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I have a very begrudging respect for Camille Paglia. I disagree with most of what she holds, but I admire her writing and her bluntness. I’m especially fond of how she calls out the cheerleaders of stupid brands of feminism (most of them).

More about Paglia and Moses in a bit.

Today - September - Feast - St - Moses

Today, 4 September, is the feast of St. Moses, lawgiver and prophet in the Old Testament.

Many people do not realize that may Old Testament figures are considered by Holy Mother Church to be saints. Many of them are listed in editions of the Roman Martyrology, both pre-Conciliar and post.

Today - Entry - Moses

Here is today’s entry for Moses.

1. Commemoratio sancti Moysis, prophetae, quem Deus elegit, ut populum in Aegypto oppressum liberaret et in terram promissionis adduceret; cui etiam in monte Sina sese revelavit dicens: “Ego sum qui sum”, atque legem proposuit, quae vitam populi electi regeret. Ille servus Dei in monte Nebo terrae Moab coram terra promissionis plenus dierum obiit.

Anyone - Crack - Martyrology - Really - Says

Anyone want to take a crack at What The Martyrology Really Says?

Enjoy some Mystic Monk Coffee, or refresh your depleted supply, and get out that dictionary if necessary.

Question/request - Readers

Also, a question/request to readers:

Have any of you ever seen a stained-glass window of Moses at the cleft in the rock in Exodus 33?


I would like a good photo.

Back to Camille Paglia. Really, there is a connection.

Days - Wall - Street - Journal - Piece

A few days ago in the Wall Street Journal, there was a piece about how idiot students (most of them) at the university where she teaches...
(Excerpt) Read more at: wdtprs.com
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