Angel Has Fallen Review: Lamenting The Russian Collusion Hoax

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion | 9/2/2019 | Tyler Hummel
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Spoilers Ahead for Angel Has Fallen

There’s always been a mild conservative tinge to the Olympus Has Fallen Movies. Some of that just comes from contrast. The first movie was paired with another Die Hard-But-In-The-White-House action movie called White House Down when it was released in 2013.

Film - Republican - House - Majority - Leader

With that film, a corrupt Republican House Majority Leader conspired with gun toting redneck terrorists to kill the black president of the United States as a means of taking power (really…). In comparison, Olympus Has Fallen was a more traditional action movie in the style of Invasion USA or Red Dawn, albeit with a grittier modern tone.

As such, in the age of political correctness it’s easy to dismiss casting North Koreans or radical Muslims as uncomplicated villainous bad guys. That accrued the series a minor amount of criticism with accusations that the movies were “xenophobic” and “racist” from the fringe of critics who bothered to watch these movies in the first place.

Snobbishness - Movie - Action - Movies - Die

Snobbishness aside, the movie by and large aren’t great. Compared to great action movies like Die Hard, which they’re clearly borrowing from, these films come off as cheap and rushed. Still they do have a solid fanbase (including myself). If nothing else they’re excellent counterprogramming from Hollywood to appeal to the conservative crowd.

Maybe it’s not surprising then that the third film in the franchise has arguably the most conservative subplot in any movie this year where a politician frames the Russian government for an attack for political gain.

Morgan - Freeman - Allan - Trumbull - President

Morgan Freeman’s Allan Trumbull has just become president of these here United States, and he is sick and tired of America going to war, sick of the war machine, sick of endless wars, sick of it all. He’s going to institute some real changes to this effect, and guess who doesn’t like it…?

The Deep State. The...
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