Crimes without Consequences – The Clinton / Comey Amendment | 8/30/2019 | IWB
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The time has come to face reality. Some American citizens are superior to others as far as justice under the law is concerned. They just are.

Take the Clintons for example. Allegedly, they have been on a crime spree since they took control of the Governor’s Mansion in Arkansas back in 1979. And maybe earlier than that for all we know. But they are never held to account. Never. Rather than list all the Clintonian scandals and criminal accusations here, you can google them online and see the sordid details for yourself. The Clintons are representative of privileged members of the political class for whom justice doesn’t apply.

Yesterday - FBI - Director - James - Comey

Yesterday, former FBI Director, James Comey, joined the Clintons as one of the untouchables. The U.S. Department of Justice decided not to prosecute Comey after the DOJ’s Inspector General issued a scathing report on Comey’s insubordinate behavior to conform to FBI rules and regulations and the apparent violation of the Espionage Act in his handling of classified information. By its refusal to indict Comey, the DOJ, in effect, validated and reinforced Comey’s decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified documents. Comey, the Exonerator-in-Chief, was himself exonerated for breaking the same law, adding insult to injury. Perhaps, it’s time to nullify the Espionage Act or, as a minimum, amend it to stipulate that certain individuals are exempt from it. James Comey exemplifies members of the federal government’s bureaucratic class, derisively referred to as the deep state, for whom justice doesn’t apply.

To punctuate the outrage, we have a number of top law enforcement officials within the DOJ and the FBI, past and present, who place themselves above the law — laws that they assiduously impose on common folk who have no clout. These unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats have the temerity to stiff-arm congress, when it seeks...
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