Aberrant Leftist Policies Exacerbate Domestic “White Supremacist” Terror

canadafreepress.com | 8/22/2019 | Daniel Wiseman
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As the Democrats move from the Russia to Racism hoax, the cruel irony is that the Left’s radical policies spur a “White Supremacist” terror, which they adamantly oppose, but barely exists.

This is the big disconnect in the United States politics. Conservatives see the country disintegrating and President Trump as the last hope to save it. Yet, the Left has a name for his putting America First: “White Nationalism.”

Left - Support - Borders - Flag - Front

The Left’s support for Open Borders is the “red flag” in front of the bull. The Democratic Party declares that immigrants are being held in “inhumane conditions” in “concentration camps” on the Southern border with Mexico, and normal Americans say, “You people are out of your minds.” Most Americans are outraged by the chaos on the Southern Border and the invasion of their country; they demand that the border be sealed, and that “the Wall” be built. Americans know, as the economist Milton Friedman asserted in 1997 that you can’t have both open immigration and a welfare state. You can have one, but not both because immigrants by voting themselves benefits will destroy the United States.

The illegal immigrants who live in the United States must be “sorted through” and expelled, if necessary. New arrivals to this country must assimilate and embrace American values. Immigrants don’t come here as Americans; they must learn citizenship, and the country’s history and heritage. People on the Left assert that, “our democracy is in danger,” but the United States is a republic, not a democracy, and the republic must be restored.

Immigrants - Americans - Undertaking - New - Americans

Making immigrants into Americans is a multi-generational undertaking. New Americans have to be taught about limited government, the Protestant work ethic, patriotism, serving in the military, and having faith in a Creator, who “shed his Grace on thee.” We have to seal the border because the United States...
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