“Many will come in my Name saying, ‘I am he.'”

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So the other day, our President decided to scold America’s Jews for “disloyalty” if they voted Democrat. This ancient anti-semitic trope, typical for a man who declares Nazis “very fine people” was, of course, laughed off by his cult even as they affirmed it. “He supports Israel!” they said. “It is impossible for him to be an anti-semite! And yeah, Jews are disloyal,” they added incoherently.

Yeah. About that whole “Love Israel, hate Jews” thing. It’s a thing:

Video - Weirdness - Everything - Trump - Sinister

Do watch the video before proceeding or you will not get the theological weirdness that has everything to do with Trump’s sinister words about “disloyalty” nor about the utter insanity of the Christianist cult he is listening to as he looks at America’s Jews.

That insanity was on full display just a few hours after he made the remarks aboved when he decided to favor us with the news that he thinks warmly of being thought of as King of Israel and Second Coming of God:

Wayne - Allen - Root - Theorist - Kook

Wayne Allen Root is conspiracy theorist and kook, as well as a reputed Jewish convert to some form of whack job fundamentalism. That Trump should quote this flattering weirdo is not surprising. This is a man who thinks Alex Jones is a journalist after all and credentialed Infowars for the White House Press Corps.

Then he followed that utterly crazy set of tweets up with a bizarre bit of blather about being the Chosen One:

Piece - Crazy - President - United - States

So why does this latest piece of crazy from the President of the United States matter?

A couple of reasons.

First - Course - People - President

First, of course, it’s crazy, and crazy people should not be President.

Second, for those few Christians still interested in paying attention to the testimony of Scripture, blasphemous claims by the most powerful figure in the world–especially ones that deeply stupid and profoundly dishonest Christians claim is Sent By God–matter....
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