Perino Pitied for Missing Great Rush Commentary Like This

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 8/22/2019 | Dean Karayanis
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RUSH: Jesse Watters. This was on The Five yesterday afternoon on the Fox. And Dana Perino, she’s got her own show from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. As such, she misses a significant part of the busy broadcast day by missing this next hour of this program, and that’s what Jesse Watters said to her yesterday.

WATTERS: I feel bad for you, Dana. You want to know why?



WATTERS: Because you do your show when Limbaugh comes on. So you miss a good hour of it. I will tell you, in case you missed it, he made two great points about these press conferences.

PERINO - Radio

PERINO: (laughing) Is there a radio?

WATTERS: When he does this walk to Marine One, this is the way he kind of conducts the orchestra. He is saying, “No, shut up.”



WATTERS: “Stop with the asinine questions” and he kind of glides down the row like a maestro. And it’s a brilliant performance. So it’s really great to watch. And the other thing that does is, it removes the faces of the preening media reporters from the television. ‘Cause they shoot them from behind. So they don’t get to stand up and really get their face on camera. And that shuts them down so they can’t pose.

RUSH - Jesse - Watters - Program - Yesterday

RUSH: Jesse Watters obviously listening to the program yesterday and advising Dana Perino what all she was missing. But, you know, it bears repeating. There’s Fox right now showing a little replay. Trump walking from the White House to Marine One. He was going to Kentucky yesterday to address a veterans group.

He always does this now. There’s always an assembled gaggle of first and second graders as the press corps and they’re waiting for him. He always walks up and starts taking their questions, but they are...
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