Angel Has Fallen: is Gerard Butler Hollywood's weirdest action hero?

the Guardian | 8/22/2019 | Stuart Heritage
The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics states that every possible outcome to every decision ever made will each happen, and each outcome exists in its own parallel universe. I am telling you this because Angel Has Fallen – the third of Gerard Butler’s Has Fallen series, is released this week – and I’m taking it as proof that we all live in the wrong universe.

Cast your mind back to 2013. As with The Prestige and The Illusionist in 2006, or Armageddon and Deep Impact in 1998, two films with the same premise were released in quick succession. In both, terrorists storm the White House. But only one of them was any good. That film was White House Down, in which Channing Tatum, in his first charismatic rush of true moviestardom, swaggered and winked his way through an insurmountable wall of danger. It was far too stupid to win any awards but, as encapsulated in the scene where Tatum admonishes the president for bonking him on the head with a rocket launcher, its stupidness was self-aware.


2 out of 5 stars.

The same cannot be said for Olympus has Fallen, where a sentient potato played by Gerard Butler strops around the White House, half-heartedly shooting terrorists and grunting perfunctory one-liners such as “Newsflash ****, I don’t work for you” and “What don’t you and I play a game of ‘**** off’? You go first”. It was just as stupid as White House Down, but it had no idea of its stupidity. If White House Down was a toddler on a trampoline, Olympus Has Fallen was a toddler wandering on to a motorway. In another universe – the correct universe – White House Down wiped the floor with Olympus Has Fallen.

Existence - Olympus - Has - Fallen - Weekend

But in this existence, Olympus Has Fallen exceeded opening weekend predictions by $7m...
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