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Reprinted with permission from Faith Pulpit (Oct-Dec, 2010).

New Covenant Theology (NCT) is a rather new theological movement.1 Its proponents come from the local church rather than academia, and the majority of its adherents are found within the local church. Its proponents include Tom Wells, Fred Zaspel, John Reisinger, and Steve Lehrer.

Proponents - Reformed - Baptist - Position - Division

Several of its proponents come out of a Reformed Baptist position, abandoning the tripartite division of the law (moral, civil, and ceremonial), infant baptism, and the historic covenants of works and grace. While they abandon these aspects of Reformed theology, most also reject dispensational distinctives, such as the distinction between Israel and the church and dispensational hermeneutics.

What distinguishes New Covenant Theology from these other movements? A key component is its primary hermeneutical principle, which they call the “logical priority of the New Testament over the Old Testament.”4 If we understand this aspect of New Covenant Theology, we will have a good grasp of the movement and how it approaches the Bible (their hermeneutics).

Article - Revelation - NCT - Theologians - Priority

In this article we will define progressive revelation, determine what NCT theologians mean by “the logical priority of the NT,” and look at the New Covenant (Jer. 31) as an illustration of their hermeneutics at work.

Most Christians subscribe to a belief in progressive revelation. Wells and Zaspel comment, “The assumption here is that there is advance in revelation as well as an accumulation of sources.5 At another point they state, “Like so many other teachings of the Scriptures, we should expect to find the doctrine of divine law progressively [emphasis mine] unfolded throughout the history of redemption.”6 This understanding of progressive revelation appears similar to other scholars.7 Craig Blomberg gives an illustration of progressive revelation when he writes:

Wells - Zaspel - State - NT - Revelation

Wells and Zaspel state, “NT revelation, due to its finality, must be allowed to speak first on every issue that it...
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