Teaching Talmud through Science Fiction and Classics through Comics

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Click For Photo: https://wp-media.patheos.com/blogs/sites/719/2019/08/Yoda-best-rabbi.jpg

Click For Photo: https://wp-media.patheos.com/blogs/sites/719/2019/08/Yoda-best-rabbi-768x768.jpg

I know, I know. The title of the piece was “Using Star Trek to Teach Rabbinics.” How could it have taken me so many weeks to get around to blogging about it? In my defense, I was traveling when the piece appeared and I knew I should mention it here on my blog rather than merely circulating it on social media. Rebecca Kamholz writes:

What I finally realized was that there is a genre familiar to us in modern life that closely parallels the form and flow of the Talmud: the internet discussion board. Specifically, an internet discussion board for a deeply involved and passionate fandom.

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Read the whole thing. I particularly want to draw attention to the end of the piece, which emphasizes the value of assigning reading to students that will be above what it is realistic to expect them to understand at that point (as long as your approach to grading takes that into consideration).

Related to the above, Peter Gainsford blogged about Homeric hymns and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Below are some other things I have seen lately that intersect in some way with the theme of this post, namely academics engaging with or using science fiction and/or fantasy in ways that relate to our educational endeavors:

AVClub - Piece

AVClub had an interesting piece about 2001. Here’s an excerpt:

So much money and care went into making 2001, and all of it was in service of a bugged-out art film with no clear story arc, no recognizably human performances, and an ending that seemed designed to short-circuit viewers’ brains. Like many of the other blockbusters that came before it, 2001 worked as grand spectacle. But it also worked as a rebuke of those previous spectacles. John Huston’s The Bible: In...
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