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I have been wanting to post something about this ever since I heard about it, days ago. Others have done yeoman’s work to cover it. For example, LifeSite.

The bare bones: At an ultra-liberal parish in Portland – and that means waaaay out there, ’cause it’s Portland – aging-hippies rose up in revolt against their new pastor, a Nigerian-born priest, who was getting rid of, inter alia, the dreadful liturgical junk and the “gay” stuff. They had a spittle-flecked nutty and got the local press on his case. The secular paper had an article so biased that it read like Eye Of The Tiber… but was not satire. During Mass the geriatric libs, reliving their halcyon days of Woodstock glory, protested with signs and shouting, tambourines or noise-makers, etc. There is video. Get that groooovy song at the end.

Goat - Rodeo - Priest - Place - Wow

What a goat rodeo. That poor priest. In that place. Wow. Just wow.

Remember my descriptions of what drives aging hippies? They are channeling those formative experiences, those halcyon days of protests, sexual revolution, Vatican II, all fused into an iconic moment. They see something remotely conservative and they are triggered – POP! – and they go into silly mode, reliving their glory days.

Yes… - Length - Post - Archbishop - Let

Yes… so, for the length of this post I’m now Archbishop there… let’s have the meeting with these elderly congregationalists and then give them three options, sort of like Monty Hall and Let’s Make A Deal.

“Dear ladies and other congregationalists, I’ve listened to what you had to say. I’ve heard your demands and insults when you interrupted me. I’ve read your signs. I’ve got a good picture of your position. Here’s my position.

Game - Souls - Salvation - Scandal - Others

Since you are playing a really dangerous game with your souls and your salvation, and committing dreadful scandal to others, I’ll play along.

You can choose what’s behind Door #1,...
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