Finally, A Judge Rules Sensibly In A Civil Asset Forfeiture Case

Zero Hedge | 8/16/2019 | Staff
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Welcome to our Friday roll up, where we highlight the most interesting, absurd, and concerning stories we are following this week.

New Zealand officially legalizes paying employees with crypto-currency

Time - Out - Risk - Assets

When Is it Time to Get Out of Risk Assets?

New Zealand issued a tax bulletin this month officially recognizing that it is legal for employers to pay employees with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

Crypto-currencies - Currency - Case - Crypto

The crypto-currencies just have to be able to be converted into fiat currency... which is typically the case with every major crypto.

This is another step towards working crypto-currencies into the system, instead of killing their adoption due to ambiguity about legal issues.

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Governments routinely seize people’s assets without any trial or due process. It’s called Civil Asset Forfeiture... and there are very few rules limiting their authority.

LOT - Police - Government - Agencies - Property

We’ve written about this a LOT over the years– police and various government agencies confiscating property like cash, cars, even houses, simply because they -suspect- someone of committing a crime.

Often the property’s owner is never even charged with a crime. The whole matter is dropped. But the government still keeps their stuff… and then an innocent civilian has to spend a boatload of money on lawyers to get their assets back.

March - Alabama - Police - Man - Traffic

In March 2017, Alabama police pulled a man over for a minor traffic violation and discovered that he had $52,000 of physical cash on him.

Bear in mind– having cash is NOT a crime. But the cops seized every penny of it.

Suspicion - Man - Evidence - Wrongdoing - Money…

They had no suspicion that the man was a criminal, or any evidence of any wrongdoing. They just took the money… yet did not file any charges.

The police even admitted in testimony that there was absolutely zero evidence that the driver had committed a crime.


Seriously, how is this not THEFT?

But finally, after a TWO YEAR legal battle, an Alabama state court...
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