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These reasons are not assembled in any particular order, whether ascending, descending, color-coded or alphabetical. But I wanted to gather up some basic reasons and to put them in one place as a resource. This is because every time there is a mass shooting of some kind, the outburst of furious emotion that follows does need to be answered, and it needs to be answered with reasons that sensible people can remember, or find easily as the occasion demands. So here they are, assembled as they occurred to me, which is to say, in no particular order.

First, to say that gun control does not work is to say that it does not work with regard to its stated ostensible purpose. It does work with regard to its real purpose, which is to disarm a law-abiding citizenry. This is because a law-abiding citizenry will be most opposed to the plans down the road that the lawless men who want to govern us have, and so it is best—according to these lawless men—that we have no recourse to arms when we get to that point. Our response ought to be that when our basic civil rights are as imperiled as Venezuelan toilet paper, the one shortage that ought not to be a worry is that of guns and ammo.

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The second thing is this. The fact that gun control does not work at all with regard to its stated, ostensible purpose (that of reducing crime) should be pointed out, and with some regularity. The emotional energy and support behind gun control legislation comes when gun violence erupts in unusual places, like the mall or the movie theater. We should never forget that the staggering gun violence in all the usual places, like inner city Chicago, are the places with the strictest gun control...
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