Red Flags and White Supremacists | 8/10/2019 | Staff
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Never mind that their actual political proclivities are left or far left of center, based on their manifestos or social media postings. In the eyes of CNN and MSNBC, they are racist Trump supporters just on the basis of their skin color. Think about that. The media and entire Democratic Party are judging an entire group of people on the basis of skin color. Isn’t that the definition of racist?

As the Russian collusion story is in the rear-view mirror for Democrats and the media, it is dead ahead for AG William Barr, U.S. Attorneys John Durham and John Huber, and DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, as the layers of the onion are being peeled back to reveal the seditious origins of the entire hoax. Which is why the media pivoted deftly to a totally new narrative of “white nationalism.”

Backdrop - Shootings - Gun - Control - Democrat

With the backdrop of the shootings, gun control has predictably reappeared as a Democrat and media talking point. Aside from the usual cries to ban “assault weapons,” whatever those actually are, there are calls for expanded background checks. Never mind that the vast majority of these shooters obtain their firearms legally, passing a background check.

Then there are the “red flag laws,” which is the left’s new approach to confiscating guns. These laws are unconstitutional three ways to Sunday, violating three of the rights within the Bill of Rights. These laws usurp the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, the Fourth Amendment’s protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, and the Sixth Amendment’s right of the accused to a speedy and public trial.

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My home state of Colorado passed such a law this past April, one of the consequences of voters giving Democrats control of the executive and legislative branches of a state. Other states have similar laws and there is now a push for...
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