Understanding the Democrats’ Vote Alchemy

American Greatness | 1/23/2019 | Spencer P. Morrison
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Legend says a humble French scribe named Nicolas Flamel discovered the philosopher’s stone—the alchemical secret to physical transmutation. To immortality itself. After turning a half-pound of mercury into gold, fear consumed Flamel: what man could resist the temptations of unlimited wealth and immortality? In a show of Christian humility, Flamel hid his manuscripts and dedicated his life to philanthropy. What remained of his synthetic treasure built several schools, seven churches, and 14 hospitals. He died a lifetime later, in 1418.

The Democrats appear to have rediscovered Flamel’s alchemical texts and have used their knowledge of the philosopher’s stone to transform immigrants and blue-collar conservatives into reliable voters. This has made the once-dying Democratic Party all but immortal.

Democratic - Party - Future - Exploitation - Tensions—the

It is no secret that by 1965 the Democratic Party’s future looked bleak. The exploitation of black-white tensions—the Democrats’ bread-and-butter—no longer looked like a “growth industry.” To stave off their political decline the Democrats needed a new strategy. They needed new voters.

Enter the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This legislation (and the political zeitgeist animating its passage) had two primary effects. First, it opened the floodgates and ushered in the modern era of mass immigration. Since 1965, more than 45 million people have immigrated to the United States. This influx greatly increased America’s foreign-born population. Consider that fully 14 percent of people living in America today are foreign-born. In 1970, this figure was a mere 5 percent.

Law - Composition - Immigrants - America - Country

Second, the law changed the composition of immigrants to America by removing country of origin quotas and including a “family reunification” provision (which ironically was supposed to maintain America’s traditional demographic composition). This opened the door to virtually unfettered immigration from the Third World. Fully 75 percent of immigrants to America in 1965 came from Europe—a continent with which America shares indelible ancestral, religious, and cultural bonds. Now...
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