The absurdity of the “faked Apollo moon landing” conspiracy theories | 7/16/1969 | Staff
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But it wasn’t celebrated by everybody. Even for an event like this, there are conspiracy theorists. They claim that the Apollo program never happened, that it was all faked by the United States government, as in the movie Capricorn-1. Examples: Some conspiracy theorists talk about the fluttering in the flag planted by Buzz Aldrin. (Explanation: it was vibrations in the wires holding it, after Aldrin pounded it into the regolith.) Others object to the lack of stars in the photos taken from the Moon’s surface (Explanation: the Moon’s surface was so bright, a quick f-stop exposure time on the camera was needed.) Footprints on the moon would require moisture, right? (No, they wouldn’t.) Trivial objections are raised to “prove” that the mission was faked, and the debunking explanations are ignored.

Buzz Aldrin once had to punch out a heckler calling him a liar who had participated in a faked Apollo mission.

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What can one say? It is reminiscent of the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrine of studied or affected Vincible Ignorance, meaning stubborn resistance to the truth and refusal to accept it, no matter how overwhelming the evidence in its favor is.

This writer personally saw the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket a month before it launched from Cape Kennedy. It was part of a guided tour given to NROTC midshipmen doing their summer training cruises. So there the rocket was, as tall as a football field is long including the end zones. Let’s suppose it was a fake, that it was a plywood fabrication. Some architect-engineering firm still had to design that fake, knowing that it couldn’t go anywhere. Some construction company had to build the fake. The government must have corrupted them all.

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Vice President Pence and Apollo astronaut Michael Collins alluded to the 400,000 people who worked on Project Apollo, whether NASA...
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