The Loudest Voice Episode 4 Recap: Roger Ailes Kidnaps His Mistress | 7/21/2019 | A.J. Bauer
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A.J. Bauer is visiting assistant professor of media, culture, and communication at NYU and co-editor of News on the Right. Reece Peck is assistant professor of media culture at College of Staten Island (CUNY) and author of Fox Populism. Each week, they'll recap the new Showtime limited series The Loudest Voice.

When second-wave feminists rallied for women's rights, including equal pay and protection from gender-based violence and workplace discrimination, they often did so under the slogan: "The personal is political."

Loudest - Voice - Sentiment - Roger - Ailes

The Loudest Voice bastardizes that sentiment by making it Roger Ailes' guiding ethos.

Episode 4, "2009," chronicles Ailes' war against a fledgling Obama administration but foregrounds dueling personal subplots — both rooted in misogyny and both, strangely, involving kidnapping.

Concerns - Fox - Booker - Ailes - Mistress

The first concerns Fox booker and Ailes' mistress Laurie Luhn (Annabelle Wallis). Last week, as a gratuitous sexual assault scene made disturbingly clear, Luhn was already at her wits' end. This week's episode opens with Ailes (Russell Crowe) grunting through a revolting depiction of fellatio. When Luhn stops, insisting she "can't do this anymore," Ailes forces her to finish before coldly admitting that their years-long tryst had "run its course."

"On one condition," Ailes insists, in between bites of steak. "You find your replacement."

Luhn - Acquiesces - Ailes - Carrie - Taylor

Luhn acquiesces, introducing Ailes to her assistant Carrie (Taylor Louderman) before ultimately suffering a psychotic break — convinced, wrongly though not implausibly given his penchant for surveilling employees, that Ailes was having her followed. When she calls Ailes to plead with him to stop, he has her apprehended by Bill Shine (Josh Stamberg) and detained in a Manhattan penthouse. There, Ailes consults with Shine and then-senior vice president of programming and development, now Fox CEO, Suzanne Scott (Lucy Owen), who agree to hold Luhn indefinitely, "until we figure out where she belongs."

Annabelle Wallis as Laurie Luhn in The Loudest Voice.

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Previous episodes depicted Ailes...
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