Which Way is Mecca from Mars?

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Mars has been in the news again a lot over the past year, as humanity’s robot explorer “Opportunity” was declared not merely defunct but “dead.” Meanwhile, the rover named “Curiosity” checked in before moving on from its current location. Puffs of gas that hints at the possibility of life, and the discovery of more water, have kept us intrigued.

In some future short story or novel set on Mars, it would be interesting to explore how Muslims who find themselves on the Red Planet pray. I have been working on a couple of science fiction stories recently, and one of them involves Mars. But I won’t be including the question of which direction Muslims face when praying on Mars in this particular story, since that isn’t its focus, and introducing that element would be gratuitous. If I ever expand the story towards a novel, then who knows. And I might reconsider this, since I probably could work this in if I really tried. I’ll have to decide whether the discussion of religion that is already part of the story is sufficient.


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You can now check the weather on Mars each day. I don’t...
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