Top Moon Conspiracies and Myths and Why They Are Stupid

Live Science | 7/19/2019 | Staff
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When humans first walked on the moon 50 years ago, they left footprints, a flag and for some, a trail of doubt. While most Earthlings celebrated humanity's great feat, a handful of holdouts just raised their eyebrows and whipped up some bizarre theories. The most famous of these conspiracy theories is that the moon landings were not real, but were staged by NASA.

Though the first moonwalker has died, these conspiracy theories — and others about the moon — live on. Here are some of the most famous moon conspiracies and myths, and here's why they make absolutely no sense.

Run - Bear - Run

Run, Bear, Run!

Fifty years ago, on July 20, 1969, humanity set foot on another celestial body and into history.

Stars - Photo - Daylight - Surface - Planet

There aren't any stars in the photo because daylight on the surface washes them out, just like it does on our planet. The U.S. flag is fluttering because it has a metal rod sewn into it to give it the appearance of moving in the "wind." And there are footprints but no impressions from the modules because the weight of the lunar modules was more evenly distributed than the astronauts' weight was in their boots.

Yes, this is an image of a real footprint on the lunar surface.

Others - Water - Kind - Moisture - Soil

"OK," others ask, "don't you need water or some kind of moisture in the soil to leave footprints?" The answer is no, particles of dust can hold various shapes because of the friction between them. And the lunar module that landed on the lunar surface did not leave a deep crater because beneath the dust, the moon is made up of densely packed rock. But the dust and loose dirt on the surface was kicked up, as can be seen in the photos.

The moon is not real, but an alien space station that is used to monitor our...
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