Rush Limbaugh: Prince Charles Issues Dire Climate Warning (Again)
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RUSH: Well, I’m actually glad you called out there, Shelley, because I myself had this reaction that you’re having within three months of Obama being inaugurated. All through the Bush years, I mean, we saw radical leftists out there, the anti-war people. But it was primarily in the media. I mean, during the Bush years, we had George W. Bush elected twice. John Kerry was a joke running in 2004, never really seriously a contender. Our problems then were that Bush was not reacting to the media — the destruction, his attempts to sabotage his regime and the wars and all this.

Then Obama gets elected, and all of a sudden it hit me the same way you just described it here. All of a sudden, it seemed like half of this country is mainstream radical left. I’m saying, “Where did these people come from? Where has this been?” I had to conclude that I knew the answer, that they had been lurking out there all along. Where they came from is the American education system, primarily. There are other avenues. Pop culture. But the American education system and the Democrat Party are primarily it.

Lot - Leftism - Millennials - Obama - Election

And if I wanted to even get more specific, I could, because a lot of this radical leftism that you’re talking about tied to Millennials is culturally as well. And I think with Obama’s election, somehow it just surfaced. And I had the exact same reaction you did. For a while, I was telling myself that it can’t be mainstream. There aren’t enough. We can’t have lost this ground. We know these people have always been there, but they’ve always been considered to be a really, really small minority.

Trouble-making and loud, violent, dangerous public protests, this kind of thing. But to me it did seem like the...
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