Poland Responds to Gay Pride

Crisis Magazine | 6/20/2019 | Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
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Since the European Union elections in May, Poland has entered a summer marching season. More precisely, there are traditional religious processions, on the one hand, and LGBT “pride” parades on the other. The former boast millions of participants, in particular, a nation-wide Corpus Christi holiday held in every parish; the latter attracts thousands and, usually, as many counter-protesters. This passion play unfolds within the context of an ongoing sexual revolutionary assault on Poland.

It is all too familiar for an American: in your face tactics of the grass roots LGBT activists; operational gay friendliness of the judges; ideological support by the leftist media; and generous sponsorship of progressive philanthropists. However, there are also important differences between Poland and America.

Triumph - LGBT - Cause - United - States

The triumph of the LGBT cause in the United States came as a result of a long march that in itself was a major campaign of deception. It morphed from a proposition that one’s sexual orientation was biologically determined and, thus, unmalleable, to a claim that it was culturally determined. “Gender fluidity” made it possible to be heterosexual of either sex at any time only to change to anything at all in the wild spectrum of polyamory.

Initially, of course, no one talked about gay “marriages” and other special privileges. “Equal rights” was supposed to mean “live and let live.” LGBT folks claimed to only want toleration. Gay activists road the coattails of the radical feminists who had hooked their caboose to the black civil rights train. They incredibly posited that racial and sexual identities were identical and should be treated equally. Opposition to “sexual citizenship” was as offensive as racism and sexism. And the incrementalism and blackmail worked. Hardly anyone could have predicted that the heterosexual majority would willingly approve such a heterodox sexual orientation. However, it took decades for public opinion to...
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