Washington Lays All the Ugly Cards on the Table—and at Last We Have Clarity

Belmont Club | 7/17/2019 | Richard Fernandez
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We all know the scene. James Bond is losing a hopeless fight against a man-mountain in the baggage compartment of a train. Things look grim for Her Majesty's Secret Agent until he coils a rope linked to a heavy object around his opponent's neck and kicks it off the train. The villain is yanked into the night and James Bond wins again.

Trump's strategy is to fight the Washington establishment with this outlandish plot device. By engaging in a bare-knuckle public row with four Democratic left-wing congresswomen, he's creating a rope he plans to loop round the more careful centrists who, with any luck, will be dragged into the darkness by AOC.

Nothing - Years - Arguments - Place - Pace

Nothing like this has happened before because for years political arguments took place at the stately pace dictated by the news cycle in terms calculated to preserve decorum. The pattern was predictable. Leaks set up the story and talk shows filled in the blanks and the nation had its narrative for the week. But by resorting to Twitter the president can engage any part of the Democratic lineup, bypassing the party front office. With rapid-fire Tweets calling the four congresswomen un-American and they, in turn, calling him a racist, Trump has cut the Democratic center out of a public stage that is now an arena of spontaneous, fiery exchanges.

This provoked spontaneity keeps the Democratic Party from presenting a unified front and communicating through carefully prepared spokesmen in controlled venues, a system that served them so well in the past. It also keeps them from getting their story straight. As Time Magazine notes "lying can be cognitively demanding. You must suppress the truth and construct a falsehood that is plausible on its face and does not contradict anything known by the listener, nor likely to be known. You must tell it...
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