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I have a theory. It goes like this—the people who knew God’s word better than anyone else were probably those monks who used to copy the Bible by hand back in medieval times.

Writing scripture by longhand was basically all those monks did all day, everyday. And they had to go super slowly, because can you imagine making a mistake? Plus, they were writing with quills and ink on parchment in poorly lit monasteries.

Monks - Lives - God

Those monks defined what it meant to dedicate their lives to God.

To put that theory into (limited) practice, I decided to do something similar. No, I didn’t take a vow of silence or start wearing sackcloths and shave my head. I did something else.

Year - Hand - Time - Ballpoint - Pen

Last year, I started copying the Bible out by hand during my daily devotional time. Granted, it was with a ballpoint pen on a notepad while sitting comfortably in my air-conditioned home. But it’s still as close to I’ll ever be to a Franciscan monk.

Not surprisingly, I’m not the first person to do this. Back in 2013, a guy in New York wrote out the King James translation by hand. It took him more than four years of 14-hour-per-day work to complete this endeavor. Impressive.

Today - Bible - Online—which - Thing - Accessibility

Today, the Bible is available for free and always available online—which is a great thing. However, with this accessibility, it’s easier to take God’s word for granted.

Those old-school monks wrote the scriptures by hand because that was the only real way to spread God’s word back then. Literacy was limited and paper was expensive, so it was a real sacrifice to mark it down on paper.

Order - Books - Old - Testament - Books

I’m not going in order, because those first few books of the Old Testament aren’t the most riveting, to say the least. Instead, I’ve selected specific books, alternating between the Old & New Testaments.

And I’m not...
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