Does loving others mean accepting their wickedness? | 7/3/2019 | Staff
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I recently received a letter from a Thomas Carpenter of Santa Monica, California. Suffice it to say the letter represented everything we would expect from his kind.

It appears Carpenter was offended because I spoke the unambiguous truth in my syndicated op-ed titled: “Homosexuality is not normal; it’s deviant sexual lust.”

Chap - Jeremiad - Way

Following is the chap’s jeremiad as it was received, unedited or changed in any way:

“For someone who says he doesn’t hate homosexuals you really go out of your way to judge and condemn them. As a person raised in a religious background, I distinctly recall the part about not judging others. If you loved them, you would accept them as other children of God, because that’s what they are. As for the part about homosexuality being a ‘deviancy,’ I would ask you if you have bothered to read what the major medical/scientific associations all say about the subject? They distinctly say that homosexuality is a sexual orientation, and NOT a deviancy or a disorder! As such, these experts agree that homosexuality is not contagious either, so forget that threat. You say it’s your right to refuse to accept acts of sexual perversion, and that’s true, just don’t do anything you consider a perversion. It just isn’t your right as a ‘born again Christian’ to play God. As for subject being ‘born again,’ I personally see that many of your kind overreact to many of life’s realities, perhaps as a compensation for your own insecurities and past failures. But who am I to judge!”

Carpenter - Someone - Sounds - Head - Toilet

Carpenter is emblematic of those who are remorselessly given over to sin. What he has written sounds akin to someone making bubbling sounds with their head in the toilet.

Carpenter sent his diatribe by the postal service, but he massively miscalculated by believing he could get away with his attempted...
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